Good news for natural homeware product manufacturers

Natural homeware products, shipping situation and related issues

This article will send you the most lost information about the world port market as well as other useful information related to the cost of shipping natural homeware product.

Port congestion is still happening at many ports in the US, and freight rates drift lower. In 2020, retail e-commerce revenue from furniture and homeware sales amounted to $52.6 billion and was projected to increase to over $61.2 billion in 2025

natural homeware product

Homeware products and and the shipping crisis at U.S. port

Port congestion is still happening at many ports in the US. As a result, most home appliance suppliers now support routing with their ports of destination and have stopped providing service to the US interior as usual.

The Port of Savannah, one of the largest ports in the United States, is running out of space to hold cargo, especially bulky, large natural homeware products. As major ports deal with large backlogs of cargo now being seen as a new reality that could require a significant rethink of the world’s maritime infrastructure.

natural homeware product

The containers heaped on ships stranded at sea and massed on riverbanks are the inverse of the scarcity of the completed product at stores. The backlog at warehouses results from a lack of truck drivers to transport the homeware products to their final destinations.

The containers stacked on the riverbanks were surely full of holiday decorations such as rugs, basket or poufs, baking sheets, gifts, and other materials for the greatest consumption wave on earth. “Will they get to retailers in time?” is the tough question of this time.

natural homeware product
natural homeware product

Good news for homeware product manufacturers

Freight Rates Drift Lower After a Record Setting Climb. 

For example, freight for one 40ft container exported from Hai Phong to New York port has just decreased to USD 15,000 per container (while it used to be USD 18,000 – 20,000 in previous months). Besides, peak season is coming and the demand for space will increase and no one could forecast whether the freight will increase or not.

Homeware or Natural Homeware Products is one of the fastest-growing DTC categories in 2021

Furniture and home furnishing sales account for 12.3% of total retail e-commerce sales in the U.S. In 2020, retail e-commerce revenue from furniture and homeware, homeware products sales amounted to 52.6 billion U.S. dollars and was projected to increase to over 61.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2025, according to Statista.

On top of this, the housing market boom has also contributed to the boost in furniture sales. The e-commerce surge that started as a necessity due to the lockdown has slowly transformed into a behavioural shift. According to Blueprint, homeware products are one of the fastest-growing DTC categories in 2021.

natural homeware product

In 2020, DTC furniture companies accounted for a monthly average of 49% of furniture sales — growth accelerated by the pandemic. And while by 2020, traditional retailers’ sales declined an average of 3% year over year (YoY), the average monthly YoY growth for DTC brands reached 67%.

Things to learn for natural homeware products manufacturers

With what we have just been informed of, we can see that to minimise freight problems around homeware products shipping. Manufacturers need to meet the minimum condition, which is space-saving goods for suppliers. And Foldable baskets can reduce logistics costs, including transportation, warehouse space, inventory carrying.

When traveling in containers, collapsible goods make the most use of space, even the tight and flat top inner space of 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft steel boxes.

Cost-saving with 20ft containers with natural homeware product

Currently, Vietnam is facing a shortage of 40ft containers while 20ft containers are available at many inland depots.

The value of merchandise under a 20ft container is much lower than the current freight rate due to the dimension of the goods. Because of its flexibility and stability, the value of 20ft containers can be even higher than that of 40ft containers with foldable items of homeware products. The goods can be stuffed even in the residual spaces.

Collapsible furniture may fill 2 to 3 CMB of one container with 300 to 400 items. You may take full advantage of this smart function to increase the value of your order by using existing containers that you have already placed from Vietnam. More items may be added to its tight and flat interior top areas, ensuring that your valuable shipping space is never wasted.

natural homeware product

Above is the useful information about shipping and natural homeware product that we want to provide you. Hopefully, the information will contribute to building a cooperative relationship between us. Book a call with us to get the full collection and become our partner to get the best deals on the best quality foldable baskets.


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