December Bulletin – The Sustainable Products Will Become The Norm

Let’s look back at 2021

What a year it’s been.
Before diving into the excitement of 2022, let’s look back on all our projects in 2021.

First, Viet Trang was successfully launched 2 new collections and 1 lookbook:

1. Homeware Trend 2021

Dissimilarly from other Viet Trang lookbook, this new look is for our valued partners, searching for their inspiration, creativity, and natural homewares for shaping their next collection.

Creating and developing this lookbook, with its trend’s key insight and research by various trusted sources, has been an interesting project. It’s been a travel map for us as we reimagined every page and explored the stories of each trend.

This lookbook is inspired by the rise of the trend worldwide from the Japandi style to the unexpected mix of Contemporary and Tropical style and last but not least Modern Rustic.

2. Nha Collection

Nhà collection is inspired by our artisans’ home, where they pour their hearts and souls into each piece of art and where all remains true to the artisanal roots.

Through Nhà collection, you are welcomed to visit different corners of our art shelters and also visiting our neighborhood with seagrass fields, village roads as well saying hi to our neighbors.

Viet Trang’s philosophy is respecting artisan, their dedication to traditional Vietnamese handicrafts, and the journey behind every craftwork.

3. Fold To Fit

This year’s catalogue contains our latest ideas for making the most of the space users have, regardless of how big or small their homes are. With collapsible and movable baskets, a small space can transform itself into whatever they need to be.

Foldable goods travel in a container in the smallest size, shape condition and still keep the quality. Consequently, our customers can optimize their shipping cost up to 10 times.

Industry Insight

A rise in the demand for climate-change-related solutions and the anti-minimalist trend.

Industry News:

A rise in the demand for climate-change-related solutions

The American Society of Landscape Architects has released the results of its national survey on climate change. The survey found that 77 percent of respondents expect a 10 percent increase in client demand for climate change-based solutions compared to 2020—and over the past year, 38 percent reported experiencing a more than 50 percent increase. (source: asla)

” If you want to attract clients, you need to take the environment and sustainability seriously. “

Sustainable products will be the standard

Consumers will expect more sustainable or (less!) packaging and digitization (to save paper) in the coming year, according to energywatch-inc)

Ikea has taken the first step toward offering plastic-free packaging for all new items by 2025. The retailer intends to package all existing items without plastic by 2028. In addition to employing paper for new packaging materials, the firm is looking into options such as mushroom-based packaging.

More than any other generation, Generation Z is aware of climate change and biodiversity loss. 54% of these young adults regard a company’s environmental and social activities to be very or extremely significant when deciding whether to buy a service or a product.

#Proposed Action

  • Reduce your use of plastic packaging or switch to more sustainable packaging solutions such as plant-based compostable and biodegradable packaging.
  • Your company should track emissions, energy and water use, and waste quantities so that you can begin trying to minimize them. (source: energywatch-inc)

International shipping plays in climate crisis of air pollution

As polluting container ships are stranded at ports throughout the world due to a congestion issue, A there is a rising awareness of the role of international shipping in both the climate crisis and the public-health effects of air pollution.

A new report from Ship It Zero, stress the importance of taking urgent action to decrease and eventually eliminate shipping emissions. According to Heydari, there is a “fierce urgency of today” to avert the 260,000 premature deaths caused annually by fossil-fuel transportation emissions.

In terms of climate change, international shipping accounts for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. If the industry were a country, it would rank sixth in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Towards this end, Ship It Zero is demanding that the four companies and other major retailers take three actions:

  • Stop using dirty ships: there are technologies available like wind-assisted propulsion and slow steaming that could reduce emissions by 30 percent per trip.
  • Start using net-zero emissions vessels by 2024, when they are likely to become available.
  • Commit to 100 percent zero-emissions shipping by 2030.



The rise of cluttercore

“Cluttercore: the anti-minimalist trend that celebrates mess”

– BBC-

In 2021, this design trend grew from zero to thousands of searches.

According to their study, no one was searching for the movement online until October 2020. However, as of today, 46,200 individuals have Googled the phrase, and over 20 million viewers have shared #Cluttercore material on the social media site.

The TikToks that appear are all about enjoying the comfort of a lived-in environment. A minimalist site, where collections are trimmed down and buried out of sight, might appear impersonal or too blank in these users’ perspective

(Source Domino)

According to BBC, the pandemic has re-ignited a love of loungewear as well as indoor glamour, outdoor spaces and even our ideas of society. Once, spaces that we only saw at the top and tails of days have become busily multifunctional.

For some, that means clear outs – but for others, that has meant surrounding themselves with things they love.

Embrace cluttercore aesthetic with natural homewares

Consider using a neutral hue and basic pattern as a background to showcase these pieces if you want to fill the space with a lot of objects for clutter style.

Benjamin Moore’s 2022 color of the year

As Benjamin Moore’s press release puts it: “This gently shaded sage quietly anchors a space, while encouraging individual expression through color.” The brand’s 14-hued Create Your Canvas motif emphasizes tranquillity and serenity while retaining strong individualism in its tones.

October Mist is the flower of the plant kingdom. The 2022 palette boasts a range of subtle neutrals and pigments, empowering you to mix and match as you see fit.

Explore the Color Trends 2022 palette here!

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